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 Haggishealer's Guide To Mods

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PostSubject: Haggishealer's Guide To Mods   Sat Mar 24, 2007 10:11 pm


This is a basic guide with screenshots which you can use to get the idea of how
to install, load, and manage mods. A simple explanation of the mod downloads
our site hosts & where to find other mods when looking for something in particular!

Like a Star @ heaven START OF INSTRUCTIONS Like a Star @ heaven

1.) In the image above, we see the game's root directory... The two important folders
that exist in the root directory of the game folder are "INTERFACE" & "WTF" .

a.) The Interface folder contains the "AddOns" folder which, you guessed it, contains
all the mods! NOTE: Any folder beginning with "Blizzard_" must
remain in this folder as they are default items for this directory! When creating a
fresh start, delete all items in the AddOns folder except these folders!

b.) The "WTF" folder in the game's root directory contains the configuration data for
your game's installation. Renaming or Deleting This Folder Removes Those
Settings Allowing You To Start From Scratch!
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Haggishealer's Guide To Mods
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