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 Ventrillo, Lightwells and Hellfire Citadel....OH MY

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PostSubject: Ventrillo, Lightwells and Hellfire Citadel....OH MY   Thu Mar 15, 2007 12:02 pm

Well yesterday Kontea and I (Your most loveable Druid Friend) went to Hellfire Citadel Ramparts with a pug group from Resurected.

From the get go I knew things were not going to be good.

The priest in our party kept casting lightwell.
Now lightwell may seem like a good talent but in 5 mans it is rather limited and to get it you have to pass up so many better talents. Add to that the fact the there is almost no way it is useful to a tank. FOr one the effect ends when u are hit and two you must click on it. If anyone has played a tank you know the amount of switching mobs and clicking that is involved. I was using frenzed regenration everytime the cool down was up. And the priest "padre" was his name, even asked me in party why dont i click on the lightwell;this was right after I died do to no heals and him casting smite and holy fire.
Another thing that gets my goat about helaers is WANDING. Healers when u use your wand, you put all your spells in a global cool down. Now If ia m running like st or mara or ZF or something way below my level I can understand a priests boardom but damm the mobs in Ramparts are 60 to 63 and the highest in our group was a 61 warror. We needed to be ready and on our toes. Looking back at it, I am suprised we took down 2 bosses. We wiped once on the second boss because I forgot to warm about the felhound the guys spawns, but we went back and took him down.
We ended up on wipeing on the dragon for numerous reasons. Now I wont hold that aginst anyone cause that fight is hard.
This brings me to one point I want to make mention to everyone who is eyeing end game instances.
GET VENTRILLO, even if u dont have a mic. There is information that comes to quickly to type. Case in point, I pulled a group and had a mob marked for sheep. Well hiding behind the group was a caster, who should have been sheeped instead. I just dont have the time to type that information out and get aggro on everything. So please get Ventrillo.
I dont wanna run with resurected, I wanna run with my guild. Pugs are always crap. So u guys get to 58 and we will walk you through hellfire and get you to 60 in one day.
Well I plan on gaining another level and then going again, hope to see you guys there.
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Ventrillo, Lightwells and Hellfire Citadel....OH MY
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