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PostSubject: Hihi   Thu Mar 08, 2007 10:44 pm

I just joined the guild tonight and just wanted to say hello on the forums. I picked up WoW about 2 months ago and I made about 10 characters and tried out almost every job and race. I thought I had settled on Shaman and I leveled that to 28. I eventually got bored and switched to druid and I love it! I'm 36 Druid now, and really starting to get the feel for the game. I kept my Dranei Shaman and use her (Janeway) as my crafting mule. (Leatherwork & Alchemy) My main is my Night Elf Druid, Acadia.

Before WoW I was a FFXI player. I have three 75 jobs on there, but it just got boring after 3 years and I had to move on. So the MMORPG experience I have has been very helpful.

I really like the website and the organization of guild, thanks again for letting me join. cheers
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