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 Guild Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Guild Rules and Regulations   Tue Feb 27, 2007 7:46 pm

~~~Guild DeTox Loot Rules~~~

1) Need Before Greed
2) Pass on Bind on Pickups (BOPs), Blue items and Higher
3) Pass on Class Items
4) Master Loot Bosses
5) No Ninjas’ Allowed. PERIOD!

These are the current rules and will not be changed unless there is a deciding factor amongst the leaders. If the leader present in the party or raid is a DeTox member, then these rules will apply. (Please Note that these rules will be enforced at all times.)

Also Note: there is to be NO trade in guild chat, there can however a free trade, but no money making trade. If you wish to trade for money in guild chat, either whisper the other player or do so in the Trade Channel or in the Auction House.
Also Note: No matter what rank you are in the guild, you are to listen to a Guild Master at all times. Your future in the guild varies whether you listen or not. There are 6 Guild Masters, so please be aware of it.
Also Note:If a gem DROPS, it is to be rolled GREED. I can't emphasize this enough. No Matter what the reason is, it is to be rolled greed. If you desire the gem, get it off the winner.


1) Need Before Greed = Please for the love of all that is good, DO NOT take this literally word by word. This essentially means that when an item drops, and it is an item that is below your proficiency or the item that dropped is not better than what you currently have on, roll Greed. The only circumstance in which you roll Need is when it is an item that is better than what you have. Also make sure you tell the officer or leader that you are Needing on an item if you wish to Need. If you violate this rule, you are considered a Ninja Looter.
Be aware, an officer will kick you out of the guild for rolling on an armor that is not your highest proficiency. [For ex, Priests, Mages and Warlocks roll on Cloth armor; Rogues and Druids roll on Leather; Hunters and Shamans roll on Mail (note: do not roll on Mail Armor unless your at lvl 40); Warriors and Paladins roll on Plate from lvl 40 onwards.]

2) Pass on BOP’s, Blue items and Higher = When an item of Blue or higher drops, everyone must pass on it. Once everyone has passed it, the deciding factor as to who gets it will be based on the officer in the group.. If no one Needs on the items, then it is to be Greed Rolled (if you do not know how to Greed Roll, hit enter, then type in ‘/roll’). If there are classes that need the item, then as to who gets the item is also based on a roll. (Note to all officers: there will be NO favoritism in this guild.)

3) Pass on Class Items = When players reach higher levels, they will start to see class items that belong to a certain class and only that class may equip the item. If your in a group and your class item drops, everyone in the party is to pass on the item. The officer or leader of that party will determine who the loot belongs to. It will most likely go to you or anyone of your class. Depending on how many of that class is present, you must roll to obtain the item. If there is only one person of that class and the class item drops, then the loot is automatically his/her (an officer will decide who the loot will belong to). Please also note, if you have the item that dropped or have something better equipped, pass it on to others and make sure you tell everyone that you have either something better or that you have the item. Do not Re-Roll Need on the Item, if you already posses it.

4) Master Loot Bosses = This is essentially for the leaders of a raid or the group. If you are a leader, it is your job to make sure that you place the loot from Group Loot to Master Loot when encountering a boss. This is to prevent any Ninjas’ from receiving loot, whether it is accidentally or purposely. (The act of Master Looting is simple. Once the boss is annihilated, the leader is then to approach the body and link the item to the entire raid or group. At which point the individuals who want the item, roll on it. If no one wants the item, everyone then greed rolls on the item. To give an item to the player who won the roll, just right click on the item, and then a series of names or group will appear. Click on the players name for that player to receive loot.)

5) No Ninjas’. PERIOD!!! = This guild has absolute 0 tolerance for ninjas’. If anyone is caught in this act and is reported more than once you will be kicked out of the guild. (note; if an officer catches you in the act, you will be kicked out). The player that is kicked out of the guild will also be reported with other sanctioned guilds.

If you have any questions or concerns, make sure you place a reply to this post or question me in-game (Arclight). Also, many officers and leads will edit this post, so please pay attention to then as well. Please also note we also have guild ties with the top 4 guild on our server. If you mess up with our guild, you are forever screwed!.

Thank you all for joining Guild <DeTox> Very Happy .

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PostSubject: Re: Guild Rules and Regulations   Wed Feb 28, 2007 8:04 am

The guild loot rules sound fair to me, I can't think of any deletions or additions to the rules at this time. Good job in coming up with them Arclight
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Guild Rules and Regulations
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