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 Short Guide for newcomers

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PostSubject: Short Guide for newcomers   Tue Feb 27, 2007 6:30 pm

This is a short and sweet guide for all the new comers to World of Warcraft, and part may be helpful to those of u with some expierence. For the veterans, please feel free to add anything which you think may help.

First off let me recommend some web sites for reference and research. - For profession facts, trainer locations, maps and forums. -Items quests and recipes - very nearly everything.

Three things I will write about are:
Gaining XP and leveling.
Making money
Game play.

Gaining XP and leveling. First off, it is a myth that if you have “X” character class, you will level slowly. While it is true some characters are easier to play and so seem easier to level, most nearly every class is equal in its abilities.
Three things matter in how well you play your character.
First – Knowledge of your class and racial abilities and utilizing them to the fullest and knowledge of the Warcraft world, zones and enemies you will be facing.
Second – Where you put your talent points. I like the forums at for reading posts on how to play my character and how to place my talents.
Third – Many people put this to the top of the list only because so many people make such a big deal of the quality of their gear. The gear does give an edge but not as much as the Knowledge and talent build.

-Once you have the knowledge of your character you need to understand about leveling. Until around level 50 XP grinding is inefficient. Grinding is the act of going to an area and repeatedly killing mobs for either XP or loot. From level 1 to 50 you should quest.
-Now here is where knowledge of the Warcraft zones comes into play. You go to a zone that has mobs around or right below your level (Not too low). You get all the quests in that zone. If there is a quest that has you running around the world, and taking huge amounts of time traveling, DON’T do it. Do all the green colored quests in your quest log. If you can, find a partner who is doing the same quests to quest with. When the quests get too tough go to another zone, which has mobs that are at your level and below, and start questing, again starting with green quests. There are always at least 2 zones in the world that are at your level that you can quest in. has maps and the zones are labeled with the levels of the enemies found there. and have information on quest and such so if you get stuck you can reference you quest to see what you do and where you need to go.
- Do not die needlessly. Running back and rezing if a huge waste of time. If a quest seems near impossible or if it is orange or red in your quest log and you cannot find a partner or group to help with it, then go some where else and get leveled then return to complete it.
-Try to mass quest that is if the town is on one end of the zone and you have to go to the other end to do a quest make sure you do all the quests on the other side of the zone before running back to town.

2. Money
One of the most important aspects of the game. Considering you start with 0 money and by level 40 have spent at least 20 to 30 gold if not more on skill training, money is like water in a desert at first.
-Conserve your money. DO not waste money on skills that have very limited uses, like a priest’s mind sooth or hunters eyes of the beast. Don’t buy every skill just because it is available, you can pick and choose.
-Do not waste money on high dollar blue items in auction house. You will out grow these items quickly. There is no sense in buying something that costs 15g at level 30 and you will be getting rid of it at level 40.
-Get bags, always be on the look out for bigger bags. That is the one thing I spend money on. You can carry more items and stay out of town longer with bigger bags.
-Pick up everything, and I mean everything. Completely loot enemies very nearly every item can be sold. Personally I like stackable items and grey weapons like broken teeth and bulky mauls, these items sell for a good amount at the vendor.
-Get your mount ASAP, it will make your time in wow a lot more enjoyable. This is one reason you quest, the better your reputation is with a faction (even your own) the less that items and services cost. If you achieve honored with your faction by the time you are level 40 you get approx a 10 gold combined discount on your mount and ridding skill.

Game play
Have Fun and remember other people are out to have fun too.

Game on
Druid Class LEad
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Number of posts : 21
Age : 46
Registration date : 2007-02-15

PostSubject: Re: Short Guide for newcomers   Mon Apr 02, 2007 12:04 pm

Due to a large amount ofin game questions I have been getting, I decided to due a little add on to my post. pirat

OK for those of you who do read these forums, and I know many dont even when I tell them tooI will give u a few tips.

To talk in a raid group type /raid

to enable or disable game sound press control and "S"

To find out where something is in a captial city talk to a city guard in that city.

If a profession trainer cannot train you further, they will tell you where to go for your next level of training.

Only druids can teleport to moonglade but there is a flight path in the southern part of that zone.

If an item has messed stats, ie something no one would want, then dont put it on AH, sell it to a vendor or give it to a guildmate who enchants so he can disenchant the item and get materials for enchanting.

LBRS=Lower Blackrock Spire

UBRS=Upper Blackrock Spire

BRD=Blackrock Depths

MC= Molten Core

BWL=Blackwing Layer

STFU= Shut the F--K up

COD- Cash on Delivery mail, this is important, do not send money but make sure the cod button is filled out and add amount to COD'd. if u do not want COD mail return it.

I will update this post aften as I get more questions.

See you in game

Druid Lead

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Short Guide for newcomers
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