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 Easy Money Guide Pack !!! Gold Producing Tips From All Over!

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PostSubject: Easy Money Guide Pack !!! Gold Producing Tips From All Over!   Mon Feb 26, 2007 2:14 pm

This is only one example of the gold farming guide pack now available in the downloads section!!! My gift to all of you!

30-40 Gold Per Hour - Farming Guide
The 40g an hour exploit down in SM is 20g off, maybe for a
level 60 rogue earning 40g an hour would be easy (doubtful)
but I ran it for an hour and came out 20g richer, ran it for
another hour and came out 60g richer after a tweak or two.

I'm enchanted so basically I disenchanted every blue, 95% of
blues in Scarlet Monastery disenchant to Small Radient Shards.
If you don't know, that is the biggest ingredient in
Demonslaying and on my server I can sell 10 fast for 40g.
If I auction them in stacks of 1 I could probably make more.

What about the other 5% of blues I hear you asking? Well they
disenchant to Large Glowing Shards, the key ingredient in +5
Weapon Damage for 2H Weapons and +3 for 1H, both enchants
sell for 5g, but the shards can sell for the same.

So, in one run (I stop at 10 Small Radient Shards prolly 35-45

10 Small Radient Shards = 40g
5 Large Glowing Shards = 20g
Various Greens = 5 - 10g (NPC)

If your not an Enchanter, then you can still earn a nice chunk
of money, probably around 20g since I added the co-ordinates to
all of the bosses in the Monastery.

<Name>Scarlet Instance (I suggest Running, you will be flagged)</name>

<name>Instance Exit</name>
<name>Hound Guy</name>
<name>Arcanist Doan</name>
<name>Dead Guy</name>
<name>That Chick</name>
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Easy Money Guide Pack !!! Gold Producing Tips From All Over!
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